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L-R: Ryan, granddaughter Julia, grandson Jeffrey, Gary, April, Saralee, Lyra, Alan, grandson Joshua, Shelby. July 2013. Photo Credit Stacee Lianna.
Saralee at her piano, c.1975
Signed, “To my terrific brother Davie. Love, Saralee” c. 1948
Saralee on the farm, c. 1963


Saralee and April inside the Skirball Museum.


Saralee, grandson Josh, and dear friend Morrie Boltuch.
Family with Tomokatsu Kawazu, the conservator who restored our Chiura Obata painting. Leahn bought the painting from Obata in 1942 just as Obata and his family were sent to a WWII internment camp. Leahn and Obata stayed in touch until Dad’s death. L-r top row: Alan, Gary, Jeff, Lyra, Julia, Saralee. Front: April, Tomokatsu. April 2008.



Saralee with dear family friend Judi Bloom. August 2011.


Saralee with her grandson Jeffrey at Josh and Shelby’s wedding, August 2011.
Lyra and Leahn on the family farm in Yuba City, 1963.
Leahn Halprin, 1975.
Debonair Amah, 2012.


Saralee and her grandson Joshua.
Saralee trying out her grandson Jeff’s drums.
Beautiful Saralee, c. 2013.
Saralee and her daughter April practice the Ashokan Farewel, which April played at a folk tribute to reporter Daniel Pearlman on the anniversary of his murder by terrorists. October 2013.
Saralee in the 1960s (4)
Saralee and her daughters on the piano, c. 1960.
Saralee in the 1960s (9)
L-R Lyra, April and Saralee on the farm, early 1960s.
Saralee in the 1960s (8)
Saralee, possibly 1948.


Lyra and Alan’s wedding in Saralee’s home, 1978. L-R: Lyra, Alan, Alan’s mother, Alice Jackson, and Saralee.
Saralee and her daughter April at grandson Josh and Shelby’s wedding, August 2011.


Saralee and Lyra with dear friend Sheila Sinape, August 2011.


Saralee and granddaughter Julia at Lyra’s retirement party, June 2009.
Saralee entertaining at April’s latke party, December 2010.
Grandson Jeff with Saralee in Davis, 2011.
Scan Nov 8, 2014, 8_00 PM-page16
Saralee performing, possibly 1965
Saralee and her dog,        Yo-Yo Ma.


Saralee and Lyra on the farm, c. 1962


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Saralee’s family in her home, July 2013. Photo credit Stacee Lianna.
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Saralee and her daughters, Lyra (l) and April (r), July 2013.                    Photo credit Stacee Lianna
Davis-LA April 08 069
Saralee and her longtime friend and companion, Morrie Boltuch. 2008.
Family at Joshua and Shelby’s wedding, Davis, California, 2011.
Saralee and Leahn at Joshua and Shelby’s wedding, August 2011.
Saralee and Leahn, c. 1948.

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8 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Thank you for these wonderful photographs. I received the announcement of Saralee’s passing from April, who brought so much grace, beauty, and joy to me and my students through her music and writing during my teaching days at Pennekamp School in Manhattan Beach. I’m glad for the chance to appreciate her mother.


  2. Beautiful photos…love, laughter, music, family, community…Saralee appears to have lived it all.
    Leaving a family well nurtured and loved is the best legacy anyone could hope for…everything else is icing on the cake. …and it seems Saralee had many additional talents…. plenty of icing on her cake to be shared with all!
    Maureen Cruise, activist friend and admirer of April.


  3. April, Thank you for your note and for sharing this beautiful website with me. I love that your mom’s dog was named Yo-Yo Ma. I’ll have to pass that on to my dog, Wendy. What a charmed life you’ve had with such an extraordinary mother. I’m inspired…and touched.


  4. These wonderful photos of La Maestra take me back to 1958 & environs
    when this lovely, beautiful and passionate artiste awakened in me a lifelong obsession with classical music that shows no signs of ever becoming stale or moribund. My parents loved the Halprins for their shared progressive politics, but I knew and cared only for the sizzle and fiery attack of Saralee’s command of the Mason & Hamlin. Yes, she played marvelously with violinist Israel Baker and so many other masterful string players. I was her meshugana boobala playing Bizets Jeux d’Enfants four-hands at 10 years old,and those precious memories will never die.


  5. Thanks for publishing these wonderful memories of Ms. Saralee!!….looking at them brings back fond moments that she and I shared during her last year of life here. Will cherish her memory.
    Personal Care Assistant


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