Saralee plays the bridal march, February 2014.

Saralee practices Chopin sonata in B minor, 2011.

Saralee plays Chopin, October 2011.

Saralee entertains at April’s latke party, December 2010.

Saralee, December 2011.

5 thoughts on “Videos

  1. I did know her and I’m extremely grateful for that. She had ties to my family through being a musician, living in the same neighborhood, being in the same general age range as my parents, and through her children being in the same age range as my siblings and me. Along with the unmistakable sparkle in Saralee’s eyes was a depth of compassion. She blended deep artistic emotion with amazing energy and zest. She vibrated on some kind of special level. Her energy that made those around her feel they were on a higher, better level too. I knew her to be sincere, modest, funny and delightful. Her daughters have her sparkle, talent and warmth.


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